Awakening - Day 12

The Blessings of Obedience

God's Word for Today
Read John 14:15-23 and Matthew 7:21-27

Thoughts for Today
Hasn't Jesus made some wonderful promises to us? He has promised the Holy Spirit as our Counselor who will never leave us alone. He has promised us life in Him and in the Father. When we love Him and obey his commands, the Father will love us and Christ will reveal himself to us. When we love and obey God, He takes up residence in our lives to live in us and with us! Did you notice the importance of obedience in all those promises? Those who do not obey, do not love Him. And their experience with God will be very different.

In the Sermon on the mount, Jesus told the parable about two builders. One built his house on a rock, and the other built his on sand. When the storms came, the house on the rock stood firm and the other was destroyed. He said our lives are like those two builders. Those who obey are wise like the man who built his house on the rock. When the storms of life come, we can remain strong through the tough times. Those who do not obey are foolish like the man who built his house on the sand. People like that cannot remain strong when the storms of life range around them.

If God were to grade your obedience to His commands, what kind of grade would you receive from Him? Based on your obedience and what He has said in His word, what can you expect from Him? Can you expect expect a strong life even during the storms? Can you expect Him to reveal Himself to you and take up residence in your life? Or can you expect to collapse when the storms of life come. Could you possibly hear Him say "I never knew you! depart from me you lawbreakers" (matt 7:23)? Jesus said, "whoever does the will of my Father in heaven, that person is my brother and sister and mother" (Matt 12:50). Though we are not saved by obedience and our good works, they are evidence that we share the family resemblance. They show others that we belong to his family

It's Time to Pray
1. Ask God to evaluate your obedience. What does that reveal about your love for Him? Your relationship to Him?
2. Ask God what He wants you to do today to apply what He has revealed to you. What actions will you take to obey Him and experience His best.
3. Pray today by name for a person who has yet to believe in Christ as Savior. 

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