Awakening - Day 15

Praying for Those Yet to Believe

God's Word for Today
Read Matthew 7:7-11 and James 5:13-20

Thoughts for Today

In the book Concentric Circles of Concern by Oscar Thompson and Caroline Thompson Ritzmann (Oscars widow), Oscar tells the story of one of his seminary students named Dick. Dick began making a list of the people in his concentric circles of relationships, like you started on day seven. He began to pray for his great aunt, Alice. On her 83rd birthday, he sent her a birthday card.
Later, he and his wife went to visit her in the nursing home where she lived. As he began to talk
about what he was learning about relationships, he described the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ. She began weeping. She has been a member of the church most of her life, but no one had explained how she could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Dick had the privilege of leading his great aunt to faith that day. A few months later, great aunt Alice entered the terminal eternity; and Dick asked, "Dr. Thompson, what if I had not listed her in my concentric circles? What if I had not done my survey?"

After Dick listed his great aunt on his survey, he began to pray for her. As he prayed, God began to give him a special concern for her. He worked on rebuilding a relationship with her that became a bridge over which the gospel flowed.

The two scriptures you read at the beginning of the day are wonderful promises regarding the power of prayer. Now that you have begun to list your VIPs, I want you to begin praying for them. God wants to work through you, and one way will be through your prayers.

It's Time to Pray
1. Ask God to guide your prayers for your VIPs according to his will.
2. Use the prayer suggestions provided in your life group today to help guide you during your prayer time. As you pray, be sensitive to ways God may guide you to take action in reaching out to those individuals you have listed.

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